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How can I save money with Lutron® lighting controls?

Dimmers can save a great deal of energy. By dimming lights and fans you can reduce your energy costs significantly. Dimmers even save 4-9% electricity at the highest setting, compared to a standard on/off switch.

Automatic controls are available with occupancy sensors and timers that can turn lights on according to changes in daylight or time, automatically.

Dimmers for CFL and LED lights can save even more energy.

Extended bulb life is also a result of using dimmer switches and lighting controls. Incandescent and halogen bulbs can last up to 20 times longer.

Advanced Lighting Controls | Home and Commercial applications

Lutron® controls can improve efficiency and aesthetics for any business or home. Advanced lighting controls give you the power to set lighting levels for mood, comfort, and energy savings. Some controls can store personalized user settings, allowing one to save lighting schemes for different occasions and situations.